Bare Bones Marketing


Bare Bones (npl) – 

The essential elements or structure of something, without elaboration.


Bare Bones Marketing is a full-service advertising agency and marketing firm with over 30 years experience. We have worked with all budgets and know how difficult it is for smaller and medium sized businesses to promote their business.

You will receive high-end agency design and marketing without the high agency price. Our goal is to make marketing more accessible for all businesses to reap the benefits of agency quality design and marketing expertise. We simply make the promotion of your business more professional, more productive, more satisfying and more affordable to market.

We believe that you can market your business effectively with most any size budget, even the smallest of consistent efforts can bring you new business. The story of lour logo design (see ABOUT US page) will show you how a small marketing tool helped a small business get more business . . . and you can do the same.

Bare Bones Marketing provides the following services: Corporate Identity, Advertising (TV, Internet, Radio, Billboard, Print), Promotions, Design & Print of Marketing Materials, Direct Mail and Tradeshow Design & Collaterals.


Bare Bones Marketing was established to help businesses, large and smallutilize agency quality services without the agency price . . . DIG IT?


Let us us help you UNCOVER new business 

without costing you an arm and leg.


Call us at 727-420-8127 . . . 

we are ready to get started on your new marketing campaign.